How I can help you based on my experience..

To school or not to school?

Careers and financial success do not always start with a college degree. There are many ways to make a living with our without degrees. Coming from someone with a Bachelor's in Science in Biology (University of Michigan), a Master's of Science in Apparel, Textile and Merchandising (Eastern Michigan University) and a Doctorate in Polymer and Fiber Science (Clemson University), I can tell you that a degree is something no one can ever take away from you once you earn it. School gives you education, cultural awareness, exposure, friendships, opportunities, connections and so many other aspects to career development. But a college degree is not for everyone.

Entrepreneurialism...can it really work?

YES! But be prepared for long, long, days, and doing EVERYTHING yourself. Every. Little. Thing. From opening a wine shop to being a candidate on Shark Tank to presently running a 501c3 charity, I have taken both products and businesses from start to market. This includes design, product development, store opening, marketing, finances, selling, working events, and everything else that comes along. There is nothing more rewarding than starting your own business but there is NOTHING more demanding as well.

Corporate America and You.

I gasp to realize I have spent 30 years in Corporate America working for several Fortune 500 companies. There are HUGE upsides, like 401k, paid days off, benefits. The older you get, the more you appreciate the benefits of working this lifestyle. Corporation jobs can also be frustrating and mundane. Some people can feel stuck and not inspired in their day to day job. Is it possible to find true happiness with a Corporate America job? Yes, because it's possible to find happiness in ANYTHING you do.

East Meets West.

No matter what you do in your life; stress, opposition, hurdles, and setbacks occur in both your personal life and career. What of instead of viewing these as barriers we see them as opportunities to grow and learn and become better? If everything went exactly the way we wanted it to, how would we grow? How would we learn? How would we become better? Mindset is a very powerful tool in your journey to happiness. Discover how Eastern philosophies can blend with Western lifestyles to make you the best version of yourself.