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Elizabeth Skomra, Phd

Hi. I'm Liz and I am dedicated to helping, coaching, mentoring and making a difference in your personal life and career!

With over 30 years of experience in both the Entrepreneurial World and Corporate America, I can offer both practical guidance and real-life experience on how to navigate this crazy world.

If you are just starting out or feel stuck in your life or career, I can help. I have been there. Feeling stressed? Hate your job? Not inspired? I have been there. Through 30 years I have developed techniques, work habits, personal habits and skills that have helped me navigate the day-to-day grind and get this...find happiness! And YOU can too!

Call, email or text me for a little chat and see if you would like me to be part of your career and life development!


Phone: 734-673-0467

Email: liz@youbezen


Instagram: You_Be_Zen

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  • Corporate America

    Corporate America can be a hard, demanding, and challenging place to make a living. It also has huge upsides, like 401K, paid vacation, a steady paycheck. Let's talk about Corporate America and you!

  • Entrepreneur

    Looking to do something on your own? Let's talk about what it takes to be a true entrepreneur. Think LLCs, patents, websites, etc. Maybe it's for YOU and maybe it's not.

  • Women in the Workplace

    Women learn differently and work differently than men. Women are valuable assets in the workplace. Period. Not being supported? Not appreciated? Making less than your male colleagues? Let's discuss options.